Blue Skies, Blue Sea

1. Blue Skies, Blue Sea

2. I Am A Singer (The Another Pond Remix)

3. Out Of Our Skins (The Yummy Rastafurry emix)

4. Bottle Of Red (The San Francisco Remix)


Released February 1998

Blue Skies, Blue Sea
Written by Kakulas/Snarski (Mushroom/Control)
Taken from the album Spin The Bottle.
Produced by Victor Van Vugt and Phil Kakulas. Recorded and mixed by Victor Van Vugt. Summer 96/97.

I Am A Singer
Written by Kakulas (Mushroom Music)
The Another Pond Remix by David Bridie and John Phillips. Programming by John Phillips. Spiritual guidance by Angelo.

Out Of Our Skins
Written by Kakulas/Jennings (Mushroom/Control)
The Yummy Rastafurry Remix by Travis Calley at Yummy Fur Studios.

Bottle Of Red
Written by Kakulas (Mushroom Music)
The San Francisco Remix by Charles Bickford at Big Sur.

Mastered by David Walker.

Design: Deborah Ladd. Photos: Denise Nestor.

This one’s for Willie.

Spin The Wheel

1. Spin The Wheel

2. Make It Easy On Yourself

3. That’s Life

4. Golden Gates


Released September 1997

Spin The Wheel
Written by Kakulas (Mushroom Music)
Produced by Victor Van Vugt and Phil Kakulas. Recorded and mixed by Victor Van Vugt. Recorded at Sing Sing Studios and Fortissimo Studios. Mixed at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne, summer ’97.

Make It Easy On Yourself
Written by Bacharach/David (Famous Music Corp.)
From the compilation album ‘To Hal and Bacharach’, used with kind permission of Talking Stick and Warner Music. 
Produced by Kiernan Box. Recorded and mixed by Tim Johnston at Seed Studios, winter ’97. Thanks to Stuart Soler and Pat Sully.

That’s Life
Written by Kay/Gordon (Four Star TV Music Co. Inc.)
Recorded and mixed by Leah Baker for JJJ’s ‘Live At The Wireless’, 23/5/97.

Golden Gates
Written by Blair/Kakulas/Snarski (Control/Mushroom Music/Control)
Recorded in the back room in Brunswick, ’95 by Phil Kakulas with Rob Snarski, Gordy Blair, Kiernan Box and Graham Lee. Mixed by Andy Parsons at Fortissimo.

Mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301.
Design by Deborah Ladd.
CD label photo by Denise Nestor.