'Lover or the Loved' is the first release from The Blackeyed Susans long awaited new album 'Close Your Eyes and See', out in 2017. Against a backdrop of pulsating rhythms and curling guitar lines, the song explores the dynamics of love. It's classic Susans, with Rob Snarski crooning his way through a Phil Kakulas lyric that asks more questions than it answers:


Are you the lover or the loved?
Are you the one below or the one above?
Are you the one who loves too much or not enough?
Are you the lover or the loved?


We all want to be loved, right? Well, The Susans aren't so sure. Engulfed by a starless sky and imbued with an existential ache, 'Lover or the Loved' builds towards a somewhat surprising and compelling conclusion. 

The single also features three exclusive new tracks: Yellow, Brown & Green, The Good Life Never Ends and Dirty Thoughts (for a Dirty Age). 

Keen Susans fans will recognise Good Life as the David McComb song the band recorded live for the Deep in a Dream CD some years ago. Dave's version, recorded by his last band costar, has never been released, yet ranks among his very best. Yellow, Brown & Green is a loping tune with an Eastern European flavour about the cycle of life, while Dirty Thoughts (which features a rare vocal by Phil and music by Kiernan) is little more than a grubby exposition on our life and times.

The gorgeous artwork for the single is based on a painting by Phil (who knew he dabbled in oils) with graphic design by long time Susans collaborator Deb Ladd of Traffic Design Studios.

'Lover or the Loved' 4-track single can be ordered now via Bandcamp.